Concentration of sugar solutions

Concentration of sugar solutions

General Idea: In different processing steps of liquid concentrate production as well as on the way to crystallization of sugar, evaporation plays a significant role.

Traditional evaporators for beet or cane sugar processing are facing energy requirement issues as well as precipitation issues, depending on the concentration that is processed.

memsys® Membrane distillation can be applied advantageously especially for mid salinity and mid sugar concentration levels, where it is possible to concentrate the solutions with very attractive low thermal energy demand numbers and in a smooth and gentle way.

Features and benefits of memsys V-MEMD:

  • Improvement of sugar production capacity
  • Reduction of thermal energy demand of the overall concentration process
  • Application of low temperature waste heat for pre-concentration steps
  • Low degradation of long-chain sugars due to reduced temperature level
  • Quality control of the concentration process at low temperatures

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