Memsys is sharpening its business portfolio

memsys new portfolio

A new company structure and a reasonably straightened task list are the present focus in re-aligning the business activities of memsys.

One of the core elements therein is the sharp focusing on technically advantageous and high value creating applications where memsys VMEMD creates upmost value by its exclusive and unique process properties. Those are:

  • Highly purified water in pharmaceutical applications and power plant sector
    - water for injection
    - ultra pure water for medical technology production
    - boiler feed water and water for steam creation from boiler blow down

  • Highly saline / acidic corrosive process waters
    - salt recovery from mixed solutions and acids
    - volume reduction of concentrates upfront disposal and filling
    - closed process loops in saline water processes

  • Sugar solution concentration in sugar factories and production of glucose syrups
    - energy efficiency improvement utilizing low temperature heat
    - quality improvement of concentrated sugar solutions

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