DTL (Large Channel Spiral-wound) Membrane Technology

DTL is a new generation spiral-wound membrane module with better anti-fouling performance, which is developed for large scale and high salinity wastewater treatment. The flow channels in DTL membrane module are designed with unique spacer structure to reach optimal flow distribution and improve permeability.

DTL Membrane module
DTL Membrane module

Technical features

  • Multiple membrane rolls are installed in one DTL module, each membrane roll is made of high quality composite membrane and spacer.
  • Novel spacer design, wider flow channel.
  • The cover flanges are made of high quality stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • The sealing gaskets and O-rings are made of specific rubber materials.
  • The center rod of the DTL module, which connecting with cover flanges and membrane rolls, is made of special steel.
DTL Membrane module detail
DTL Membrane module detail

Technical superiorities

  • Especially suitable for high concentration wastewater treatment with large capacity.
  • Low energy consumption, less maintenance and high cost-performance.
  • High recovery rate and anti-fouling module design.
  • Flexible feed pre-treatment.
DTL Membrane module
DTL Membrane module

Application area

  • Wastewater treatment in power, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and iron & steel industries.
  • Large scale leachate treatment for landfill and incineration plants.
  • Wastewater treatment in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • High salinity industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Minimal RO reject discharge process.
  • Concentration and separation of solutes.
Industrial wastewater treatment plant using DTRO
Industrial wastewater treatment plant using DTRO