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About us

Since 2004 a group of experts focussed on converting the large potentials of Membrane Distillation into an industrialised product concept. Patents have been applied for and since 2007 the basic technology worked reliable in laboratory and we started scaling up. We developed a highly integrated and automated production process for our plastic based modules in cooperation with renowned suppliers from automotive industry moving towards the realization of our vision.

In 2009, we founded memsys GmbH as production and sales facility. In parallel we established our international sales company memsys Clearwater Ltd. in Singapore. In September 2009 we established memsys TEC AG together with renowned industry experts to act as a development and engineering company evaluating and supporting with our customers the growing amount of existing applications for memsys.

With effect on October 14th, 2016, New Concepts Holdings Limited (NCHL), an investment holding company, acquired all the assets and the IPs of memsys. We established “Memsys Water Technologies GmbH” as new entity. In new Memsys, we are combining “R&D in Germany and Engineering in China” to support business growth worldwide. On one hand, we continue to support our research partners in the breakthrough of R&D, on the other hand, we strive to commercialize the Memsys products in China market.

Our fast growing team is ready to support you with our new ground breaking technology.

Your Memsys team

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